— Drowning in my own fucking mind —
Katie| Taken | trying to make my way through life| Leave me a question if you want or talk to me, if you wanna vent go ahead if you need someone to talk to or need help i'll do my best! have a good day or Night! =^.^= <3
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Faith in Chaos
by Skyler Brown
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i gave my dog a tortilla chip ten minutes ago and she won’t fucking eat it she’s just staring at me with it in her mouth 

she’s waiting for the salsa
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The dead are living
black and grey 40x58cm 300dpi anyone interested this design? or request for band artwork,tattoo design? message me #digitalart #detail #brutalgeneration
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“I’m on my way!” I say as I remain naked in bed

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What happens when teens are home alone
According to social media:wild and crazy party time!
Me:fuck yeah I can take my headphones off
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